Combat Search-and-Rescue Prolonged Field Care (CSAR/PJ/PFC)

Over the last two decades, increased medical capability and automation of laboratory, documentation and monitoring equipment has dramatically changed how patients are managed in the field. Additionally, decreases in equipment size and power consumption – and ability to quickly build and manage local mesh networks – has led to the delivery of first-world-hospital-care capability to even the most remote and inhospitable parts of the globe. While these technological advances have greatly increased the operational capability of medical teams, they also now deploy with a host of communications, computing, and medical equipment – all of which require batteries to sit on a patient for extended periods of time to provide austere field medical care. Also, as US and Allied forces are having to retake land and rebuild infrastructure, the “Golden Hour” is significantly extended and the need to provide power for austere prolonged field medical care from a ruck, truck, wall, or plane is ever more critical.

Medical Power Management Use Cases: Ruck or vehicle borne SPM-622, fixed base ABC-812

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