EOD Tech: Unmanned Systems and Devices

The teams of the US Military’s Explosive Ordinance Disposal rarely get any breaks. Insurgent forces have changed how we both attack and defend, and one of the constant tools in their arsenals has been Improvised Explosive Devices, or IEDs. The components and technique employed in these devices continues to improve, from improved detonators that are harder to jam, to the emerging threat of cheap commercial drones as flying IEDs. It’s a constant struggle to keep the technological edge against these new and augmented threats.

Nett Warrior: The Legacy of Integrated Systems

We live in a society of wearable technology: from smart phones to tablets to smart watches to fitness activity trackers, we carry around more computing and batteries than any previous generation, and “wearables” from Google Glass to designer touch-screen smartwatches are trend-setters, not distant futures. Why should the military be any different? Soldiers today are […]