Explosive Ordnance Disposal Kit

Our EOD Universal Power Kit dramatically reduces the weight and clutter of batteries, chargers and power adapters currently used by military EOD teams. The EOD Universal Power Kit includes an SPM-622 Squad Power Manager as well as accessories that support Minehound® and other metal detectors, DeWalt® and Snap-On® tool batteries, the MMX X-Ray viewer, the Micro Tactical Ground Robot, the Smart Ray Vision (SRV) system, and other EOD-specific equipment. This kit also includes a foldable solar blanket and the cables and accessories for charging batteries and “scavenging” power from military and civilian trucks, car batteries, and the local AC grid. Each kit is delivered as a rugged “roll kit” to keep the equipment organized and ready for use, while decreasing volume and weight. Hundreds of these units have been successfully deployed and proven in-theater with US and international military EOD teams.

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