Panther 2 Battery Power

The Panther 2 system is being fielded with USASOC units in all capacities (contingency, combat, JCET, PDP, and other military operations).  In the process of this fielding initiative, a need was identified to power the Panther2 SOF Deployable Node (SDN) system from organic Conformal Wearable Batteries – rather than AC power of BB-2590 batteries. As the SPM-622 Squad Power Manager from Protonex has been proving its value as a universal power scavenger / manager in the field with SOCOM elements, it seemed an ideal basis from upon to address the problem.  A call was made to Protonex and within approximately 90 days from start to finish, the operational power requirements were addressed, and hardware was developed to successfully power the system from 2 CWBs in series. The photo shows the complete system in use at an end-user location.

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