Prolonged Field Care (PFC) MED Kit

Our Prolonged Field Care MED kit can dramatically lighten the load while increasing the capability of medical teams and personnel. A typical kit powers all of the team’s communications, computing, medical, and tool equipment, while also recharging their batteries from solar, vehicle, or grid power. An example of how the 6 ports of the SPM-622 can be used is; one can be connected to a vehicle from which to extract energy; a second to a DeWalt® tool battery for charging; a third to a PRC-152 radio for power; a fourth to a TOUGHBOOK® laptop; a fifth to a AA/CR-123 charger; and the sixth to a patient monitor. The SPM’s intelligent power management system detects what power source is available, what device is connected, what power is required – and automatically converts and adjusts the power as needed. For extended missions in austere locations, most kits also include a small lightweight solar blanket, which can be used to recharge batteries and power gear from the sun’s energy.

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