What is a Power Manager

Today’s Expeditionary and Special Operations Forces often operate beyond the reach of established supply lines, and/or cannot build fixed infrastructure due to the nature of their deployment. Our Power Management systems simplify logistics and battery management, reduce ‘The Battery Burden’, extend operational capability, and reduce a unit’s energy footprint. In everything we do, we are working to ensure that troops will never run out of power – no matter where (or long) they’re deployed.

Working with branches of the US military, Protonex developed the PTX series of power management systems to enable deployed forces to pull power from a variety of power sources, convert the power as needed, and push it out to run their electronic devices and charge their batteries.

PTX Power Management Systems are currently deployed with every branch of the US military, and are also in use or under evaluation with the forces of many Allied Nations as well, including: Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom – and more.

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Power Managers solve operational challenges for units using electronic equipment such as; radios, satellite phones, GPS receivers, laptop and tablet computers, unmanned vehicles and aircraft, medical equipment, power tools, and more.

Every Power Management System performs three fundamental tasks:

  • It harvests energy. The Power Manager automatically recognizes what energy source is connected, and pulls energy from that source as efficiently as possible.
  • It charges batteries. A Power Manager can charge multiple different types of military and commercial batteries – automatically determining the charging parameters needed.
  • It powers equipment. The user simply connects the smart cables for their electronic device, connects an energy source, and the power manager automatically delivers the power needed.

SPM-622 Army Infantry kit

Each Power Management System contains three main components:

  • Software-controlled power converters – programmed with thousands of real-world use cases in order to be effective, safe, multi-purpose, battery chargers and device adapters.
  • In-built intelligence – the power manager only uses the converters when they are needed; for example, if a radio connected to one port is compatible with the battery connected to another, the Power Manager will route power directly from that battery to that radio.
  • Built-in smart sensors – that automatically detect the voltage and current, temperature, and device ID for each port in order to manage all power requirements safely and appropriately.

All of this delivers true plug-and-play performance – no special programming or manual configuration is needed by the user.

PTX Power Management Systems can also handle batteries of virtually any chemistry – lithium-ion, lithium polymer, NiCad, Lead-Acid, Metal Hydride, or Iron Phosphate – and the intelligence built-in to the system ensures that there’s no risk of damage, over-charging, or other safety hazards.

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Power Management Overview Brochure
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